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Transformational Career coaching and
mentoring for the Financial Services industry
Transformational Career
coaching and mentoring for the
Financial Services industry

Hi I'm Dan Whitehead - the founder of City Career LAB and a well networked Talent Leader with an in-depth knowledge of both internal and external job markets across financial services.

I set up City Career LAB because, arguably, given the pace of change in the business world and careers landscape - there has never been a greater need for quality, personalised career coaching and mentoring.

The City has changed, careers and recruitment practices have changed, but coaching hasn't always changed with it. City Career LAB aims to disrupt and do better!

We give you:
Home Direction Direction
Home Purpose Purpose
Home Clarity Clarity
Home Preparedness Confidence
ensuring you are “match fit” and “market ready”!
Dan Whitehead City Career LABs
I believe career coaching should be:
- with clearly defined outputs rather than just endless hours of coaching sessions
- not just the preserve of senior executives
- to commercial realities and the jobs market - leveraging a coach's networks wherever possible
- it's a small world out there and therefore discretion is paramount
- free from internal and external influences and biases that prevent the full range of options being shared
Sector Specific
- delivered by a sector specialist with first hand experience of the relevant job market to ensure maximum benefit

Why do I need a career coach?

Take a moment to see if you agree with any of these statements

If you agree with any of the following statements, then you are someone who would definitely benefit:

You recognise that searching for a new job/career is a job in itself and would value a service that saves time and stress.
You want help identifying the organisations, roles, Leaders and recruiters that form your career 'ecosystem'.
The Covid pandemic has given you the space to re-evaluate your job/career and you want to explore different options.
You are running out of 'runway' in your current role or career and keep asking yourself – 'what next?'
You haven't moved jobs for many years and lack the confidence to start your career search or interviewing without support.
You want to de-risk your career moves and outcomes and rely less on chance.
You need help with your personal brand - on paper, in person and online.
You know where you want to get to but need honest advice around your skills gap and how to close it.
You are concerned about how to stay relevant in the workforce of the future.
You need help identifying your strengths and weaknesses and what type of work will motivate you.
You want help and advice around how to get nominated for promotion and how to get through the interview process.
You have lost your job or been made redundant unexpectedly and need help and focus to get back on track.
You want help in developing an exit strategy from your job, your company or the industry as a whole.
You are looking to relocate to or from the UK and want help to secure a job in financial services.
You want to take control of your career before it gets out of control or takes control of you.
" I can help you work out what you want to do or achieve in your career and as well as support you on how to get it!! "

Schedule your free consultation

  1. You tell me what you want to get out of any career coaching and ask me questions.
  2. I will tell you if and how I can help you.
  3. You decide whether to engage.

Not only is a free consultation a good opportunity to get to know each other and explore whether my service is for you before committing, it also sets us up nicely for any subsequent session(s) that are booked.


Packages for Individuals

Personal Brand Tune-up
Personal Brand tune-up

Transform your chances of securing the right role and getting noticed online.

Learn More
Interview Coaching
Interview Coaching

Ideal for anyone looking to improve their interview technique through practice and feedback.

Learn More
Job Market Navigator
Job Market Navigator

Searching for a new job/career is a job in itself - take the stress out of that ongoing job search.

Learn More
Career Explorer
Career Explorer

Need a career reset, transition or even an exit?

Learn More
Additional Services
Additional Services

All available as a standalone service or as a ‘bolt-on’ to the packages.

Learn More

For Organisations

Career Services For Organisations
  • Career Navigator for Employees
  • Future proofing your Organisation
  • Outplacement services
  • Talent Acquisition Strategy Development
  • Executive Onboarding
  • Career planning workshops

Organisations can benefit from our services in a number of ways. These packages tend to be bespoke and designed around your key drivers and goals.

Learn More

People & Organisations we have helped

James Harris

Former Managing Director, Investment Banking, London

"I first spoke to Dan in December 2020 when I responded to his Linkedin posting offering his services. I hadn’t responded to this sort of posting before, but I’m delighted that I gave it a go. Aside from being very generous with his time, he helped me take a step back and analyse my existing approach, and subsequently better frame and structure my focus, even sharing a job search template he had constructed previously. This helped me better map out, identify and approach potential employers, leaving me more hopeful and confident as I renew efforts in early 2021."

Ian Davies

Executive Director, Investment Banking, London

"Through a mutual friend, I was given an opportunity to engage with Dan as I embarked on the next phase of my career. I found the coaching discussions incredibly helpful as Dan not only offered first class career advice based on his many years of industry experience, but also encouraged me to challenge my own values and priorities at this point of my career. Receiving this external perspective is essential as you plan your next career step. I highly recommend Dan."

John D. Brinckerhoff

Sales Leader/ Insurance Agency/ U.S.

"Dan helped me in my search in ways I never thought of. He helped to reorganize my efforts and even cleaned up my resume. I look forward to future coaching and insightfulness from Dan."

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