Frequently Asked Questions

No. The reference to ‘City’ in our company name is because it is synonymous with the financial services industry in London and beyond (UK). However I have been exposed to global hiring and talent markets since 2004. I am confident that there are people in continental Europe, North America, Asia and Australia/NZ who could benefit (or already have benefitted) from my advice.

Good careers advice is transferable across roles, job functions and industries. However my niche/specialty is in financial services as this is where I have spent every minute of a 25 year career. Financial Services is a widely used term with many different definitions, but I think of it in its broadest sense i.e. to include the wider professional services industry that supports it such as the accountancy, legal and consulting professions, as the talent moves around freely between FS employers and these supporting professions.

USP 1 - I am connected to the market. I have an extensive and up to date network across key decision makers and gatekeepers in HR, executive search and recruitment agencies and a number of senior leaders across financial services. I can leverage that ‘rolodex’ to make recommendations, explore opportunities, and in some cases make introductions.

USP 2 - I am a true Sector Specialist. I have worked right across the full breadth of Financial Services and will be able to relate to what you do or want to do. I have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the competitor landscape in each sub sector, which means i can advise on the full range of roles and employers as well as career paths and the various opportunities there are for crossing sub sectors or functions.

USP 3 — I bring an inside/outside view. My experience as a Recruiter, and corporate HR Talent Leader means I have a holistic view of internal and external opportunities, career choices and paths. I also know how to navigate the corporate recruiting space, which is now responsible for at least twice as many hires as the agency/search side.

USP 4 - I am pragmatic. Whilst a lot of career coaching is purely based on theory. I have been immersed in the financial services jobs and talent market for over 20 years and can mentor my clients to apply what they have learnt to the real world.

USP 5 - I am flexible. City workers lead busy lives and work long hours - I can talk at a time most convenient to you rather than at a time that suits me.

USP 6 - What you see is what you get. I am currently the only coach in my business so if you buy into my background and ethos then I can guarantee you will work with me and only me. Whilst this is not unique amongst coaches it is quite rare amongst career coaches focused on financial/professional services. that suits me.

No, City Career LAB is for anyone at any level of experience who is looking to get into, push on or get ahead (......and ultimately be successful) in the financial services industry.

In short ‘No’ - although there is some crossover in places. However, my services are much more focused on career direction, planning and job search strategy as opposed to giving advice and feedback on leadership style and derailers etc. Think of me as a hybrid between an HR/Talent exec and a headhunter rather than an occupational psychologist.

You can and you should. However, the best quality career advice should be independent and free from bias giving you access to the full range of career options as opposed to internal only or restricted to only one type of role, function or part of Financial Services.

No. Not exclusively. City Career LAB can help people establish career goals and areas for development as well as explore future or alternative career paths with their current employer.

I don’t have a fixed office location to support and I don’t have a large wage bill (as it’s only me). I could of course post reassuringly expensive prices but philosophically speaking, I have always wanted my services to be accessible to a broader range of customers and not just senior executives.

Unfortunately not. My role is to make sure you have the clarity, purpose and toolkit needed to be successful but the rest is up to you. That said nothing would make me happier and give me more satisfaction than if you were to be successful in your career moves or job search as a result of our engagement.

For the packages, you are asked to select Standard or Premium. The 'Standard' package is generally recommended for professionals with 2-12 years of industry experience (up to and including VP/Middle management level), whereas 'Premium' is better suited to anyone in more senior management or leadership roles or someone just wanting to experience the benefits of a more in-depth approach. The price difference reflects a slightly enhanced service offering but relates primarily to the fact that it takes more time to discuss and dissect a longer career than a shorter one.

At the moment, I am operating 100% from my home office in Essex. I have strong connectivity and I’m fully set up for Zoom/video calling and presenting etc.

As and when conditions allow, and there is customer demand for it, then I will be using coaching rooms in the city, canary wharf and the west end of London.

Any coaching sessions with customers based in other parts of the UK or countries around the world will be conducted via zoom.

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